Gamebox is the static floating bar. Use place a gamebox, simply use shortcode [wpse_gamebox competition='comma separated competition id'].

Note: You must use one or multiple competition id with this shortcode, otherwise this shortcode won’t output anything.


No competition found for Gamebox

gamebox resizes based on screen size automatically

Styling Gamebox

You can not change the color of the gamebox as like you can change the colors of the bar. However, you can use custom css.

To do so, add an id parameter on your gamebox shortcode. ex:
[wpse_gamebox id="my_gamebox" competition="1, 2" statuses="fixture, result, live" competition_view="toggle"]

Then, on the custom css, use the id to color child elements –

#my_gamebox .games .match_date{
background-color: #000;
#my_gamebox .games .match_wrap, 
#my_gamebox .loadless a, 
#my_gamebox .loadmore a, 
#my_gamebox .no_match{
background-color: #999;